fifa 22 rating


Jul 19, 2022

fifa 22 rating

FIFA 22 Edition: Test your knowledge in the What’s my value? gamefifa 22 rating

Just in time for the release of EA Sports FIFA 2022 game Transfermarkt has released a new version of the What’s my value? game. Who has the higher rating in the game? Cristiano Ronaldo or Erling Haaland? Lionel Messi or Robert Lewandowski?

Since 2004, Transfermarkt determines the market values with the help of the community. In the What’s my value? FIFA 2022 edition, however, the game uses the player’s FIFA 22 ratings rather than market values.

Play now! FIFA22 What's My Value Edition

Test your FIFA 22 knowledge! New edition of the “What’s my value?” game – Play it now!

The concept is easy: In this edition of the game, you have two options: A red arrow for lower and a green arrow for higher. The What’s my value? game is about FIFA 22 ratings – we show you the rating of the first player and for the second player, you have to guess if he is stronger or weaker.

Once you made a decision, the ratings will be unveiled. If you were right, you will be awarded a point, the second player moves to the first position and is compared with a new one – after a wrong answer, you will start from the beginning. How far can you go? Play the FIFA 22 Edition of the What’s my value? game now! Further new features for the game are in the works to be released after the league-specific editions.

FIFA 22 Edition: Test your knowledge in the What’s my value? game